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Sail PS

Sail PS

Clever maritime navigation

This GPS enabled tablet device is the perfect companion for any boat-owning person. Utilizing State of the art Map data and featuring all the modern protocols and ports needed to plug into any modern boat equipment Sail PS allows you to always stay in touch with nature, even when shore-side.



Want to awake to your own music? Then you need AlarmDock, the simplest and slimmest of all iPhone Alarm Clocks. Utilizing a thin membrane speaker and freeing the dock connector on both sides this docking station fits both the iPhone and the iPad.
(iPad 2 and newer)

Sleek, light, loud.

Apple Showroom

Showroom for Apple

Done as a spacial study at University this showroom is perfect for new product releases as its minimalistic allure enables the contained products to be displayed without distraction. The showroom fits into a wide range of environments.

No actual involvement with Apple Inc.

Learning Platform

Interface Design for Learning Platform

Concept Design for a dedicated learning environment for iPad. Intended for distribution to all Linneaus University students as an electronic helper. The Software would utilize exsisting hardware but extend the functionality of the device, by adding University specific Apps like Lectures, Collaboration and File storage. The original OS is still available but hidden as to deter students from using the device mainly as a non education purpose device.

KTM Trike

KTM Trike for Kids

This children's Trike was intended to fit right into KTM Motorcycles 2012 Offerings. It takes up many of the design elements used in their bikes and quads. As it is conceived for children it does not have en engine but rather you push yourself forward with your legs.

No actual involvement with KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

Lamp 'P'

Lamp "P"

This Lamp was designed for the showroom of a partnering design agency. It is constructed nearly entirely from aluminum and sends the light upward where it is reflected down again by a large reflector. During the project the untimely death of Steve Jobs inspired the name "P" in honor of Steve's middle name.

Vib(r)ed Alarm System

Vib(r)ed Alarm System

A board like alarm system that wakes you with vibrations. It also functions as an iPad Dock.


Lufthansa GateChair

Relaxation and Timesaving at the Airport? GateChair simplifies the rebooking of missed flights and brings your comfortably to your destination Gate.

No actual involvement with Lufthansa AG


Dispenser - Salt and Pepper Shaker

Unique Dispenser for spices, holds two kinds of spice and dispenses the prefect amount upon each rotation.